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190th Anniversary of Thailand-U.S. Diplomatic Relations

As this year marks the 190th anniversary of Thailand and the United States diplomatic relations, we recognize two centuries of special trust and collaboration built through the 1833 Treaty of Amity and Commerce. It shows how strong and united Thai-American communities here have been, especially as a part of the Asian American community across generations in the U.S. Even each has unique histories, values, languages and other characteristics, we all have deep connection and mutual aspiration to signify our diverse and lively traditions to be well represented and embraced.



Thailand-U.S. Diplomatic Relations


The Treaty of Amity and Commerce was concluded in Bangkok on 20 March 1833
by Chao Phraya Phra Klang, on behalf of
His Majesty King Rama III of the Kingdom of Siam, and Edmund Roberts, an envoy of President Andrew Jackson of the U.S.   It was the first treaty between the U.S. and an Asian nation.

The first article of the Treaty

“There shall be a perpetual peace between the Magnificent Kingdom of Siam and the United States of America."
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